About Our Surgery Center


Our center facility in Beirut, Lebanon, contains a private, state of  art surgical suite.  Dr Eid and his cosmetic surgery staff are dedicated to providing you with the finest possible medical services. A complete range of cosmetic and reconstructive surgical procedures are available in this surgical facility. The Aesthetic Surgery Center also offers its most up-to-date, minimally aesthetic procedures such as Botox and facial fillers.

Dr Eid performs all surgical procedures and provides your postoperative care  with the support of a highly trained staff for surgical assistance, nursing card, anesthesia and recovery. Our entire staff is dedicated to training you as an individual with your own special needs.

Procedures are performed in an ultramodern operating suite with all the equipment necessary and using the most advanced instruments to ensure the safest and the best possible conditions. The anesthesia is administered by a certified experienced aneasthesiologist.  When patients arrive ,they are greeted by our staff, and made comfortable for surgery by our team of nurses and physicians. Our relaxed and knowledgeable team provides reassurance to our patients that their entire experience will go smoothly.

When you meet with Dr. Eid for the first time, he will carefully examine you. He will ask you about your expectations, and will explain what can and cannot be done so that you would feel comfortable and confident. If you and the doctor agree that surgery will benefit you, you can begin to plan for the operation.

Dr.Eid has designed and equipped his private operating room so that his patients receive his focused surgical expertise, and a beautiful, natural surgical result.

If you decide to do the operation, it is most likely( more than 90% of cases) that your surgery would be performed in our certified center. Some cases need more than 24 hours stay, so the operation will be performed in the hospital. The facility is designed to provide the best possible location for surgery and patient care. A set of strict standards is met to assure the patient safety. The operation room in our facility is identical in both medical equipment and safety standards to the operating room in  any large metropolitan medical center. ,

Our facility was established in 1995, since then thousands of cases were performed with very high patient satisfaction.