Surgical Procedures

The following is a partial list of surgical procedures Dr.Eid performs. All procedures are proceeded by in-depth consultation and followed through with thorough post-operation care. If you have any questions about any of these procedures or variations there of, please contact us.


Cosmetic / Aesthetic Surgeries



Surgery of The Nose                                                                                                  

bulletTip Repair


Abdominoplasty ( Tummy Tuck)                         

bulletFull Tummy Tuck
bulletModified Tuck



Breast Augmentation

  Breast Implants


Breast Lift

bulletClassic Incision
bulletCrescent Nipple Lift
bulletPectoralis Muscle

 Breast Reduction( Male & Female)

Breast Liposuction (Male & Female)

Breast Reconstruction


Upper Arm Lift



bulletComplete Facelift
bulletMini-face Lift
bulletLower Face & Neck Lift

Face & Neck liposuction

Chin Implan

 Brow Lift

Forehead Lift

Surgery of The Ear

Cheek Implant


Inverted Nipples

Arm Lift

Thigh Lift

Buttock Lift

Buttock Augmentation

Hand Rejuvenation


Treatment of Bad Odor and Over Sweating of Armpit

Laser Resurfacing

Eyelid Surgery

Face Dimple Construction

Fat Transfer(Lipofilling)

Lip Augmentation

bulletDermal or Fat  Graft
bulletFillers Injection
bulletSurgical Enhancement


bulletLiposuction of Thighs
bulletLiposuction of Arms and Legs
bulletLiposuction of Abdoman
bulletLiposuction of Flank

Hair Implantation


Reconstructive Surgeries                                                 


Post Traumatic

bulletEyelid/ Ear/ Nose/ Lip
bulletScar Treatment


Functional Reconstructive

bulletNasal Septoplasty
bulletPtosis (Eyelid) Repair
bulletHand Reconstruction
bulletTennis Elbow

Male Breast Reduction

Hymen Repair

Labial Reduction

Aesthetic Surgery for Genital Area

Gender Reassignment

Repair of Penile Deviation


Vaginal Lift

Amelioration of Sexual Sensation for Women

Penile Elongation & Enlargement

Tattoo Removal